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Your Guide For Building A Referral Network of Great People.

Great People Know Great People is the perfect resource to help the networking entrepreneur master their business networking skills.

Entrepreneurs are not taught how to network making relationship building their biggest challenge. As a result, they get fewer referrals and often quit or lose faith in networking altogether. This book will help everyone from the networking novice to the experienced entrepreneur to improve their networking skills. The reader will learn to navigate every aspect of the traditional networking meeting.


Praise for "Great People Know Great People"

"Alex Giannetti's 'Great People Know Great People' is a treasure trove of networking strategies, distilled from a remarkable journey of growth and success in real estate. His valuable insights, earned from first-hand experiences, serve as a robust guide for everyone - from job seekers to sales reps. A practical playbook from a seasoned networker, this book empowers you to bypass the learning curve and establish fruitful connections efficiently. Alex's work is the networking bible you've been waiting for."

Al J. Marschke | Owner/Founder, BluMars Media

As an introvert and networking beginner I made every networking mistake possible. Using my 15 years and thousands of networking meetings of experience, I have written this book to help the reader to confidently walk into their next networking meeting with the proven skills to navigate open networking interactions, deliver a powerful and effective commercial and brand themselves as a subject matter expert which will lead to meeting and networking with a powerful group of great people.

   A word from Alex.  

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