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This is a great resource to help you get started in creating a great message that will help you get more one to one’s with others in your networking meetings. Your commercial should never sell. It should inform others about what you do and leave them wanting to know more. 


Testimonies work great. If you recently helped a client and the outcome was worthy of sharing, then tell that story. The hard part is keeping it in your time-frame so you will need to craft your message carefully.


I have provided examples by category for you to use as a base to build from and make your own. You will notice that these commercial examples are NOT finished. They need you to end them with your personal touch and your tagline. 


I purposely left out many common categories. If you don’t see the category that you are looking for, email me at If I like your commercial, not only will I add it to the list, I will give you credit. 

Digital Network

Auto Insurance


Think of the last time you drove your car with others in it. Were those people important to you? If you had been in an accident and others in your car or the other car was injured, does your insurance protect you? These are questions we should all know the answer to. I would love just 15 minutes to review your coverage and help give you the peace of mind that your precious passengers are protected.


Digital Marketing / Advertising


Right now you can deliver a message to X people in this room. Imagine delivering a targeted and powerful message to thousands of people? That’s what I do. I make sure that your message is seen by the exact people that you are trying to reach. 


Financial Planner


The average person spends more time planning their next vacation than they do their retirement. When is the last time that you reviewed your retirement goals and plan. If you don’t know, or if you simply don’t have a plan, I would be happy to help you understand where you are so that together we can help you get to where you want to be.




I have the greatest job in the world. I deliver smiles every day all around (name of your city). Everyone loves to get flowers. Especially when they are not expecting them. Who would you like to make smile today?




I am so good at covering things up that you might think that I work for the government. Truth be told I mostly cover up dated walls and exteriors. I would love to talk to you about updating the look of your home or office.




I can stop time. For some, I freeze time with a family photo. For others I capture the magic of a momentous occasion like a wedding or anniversary. Let me help you capture a memory that can last forever.


Printer / Embroidery


Are you working undercover? When others see you do they know what you do or do they have to guess? Let me help you get your logo and your brand in front of people. Don’t have a logo? No worries. I can help with that too.


Realtor – This is my actual full commercial inspired by Gayle Barnes, Realtor, in CA


Stacie, did you know that I use a professional organizer and a professional stager to help my sellers prepare their home for sale? Christian, did you know that I don’t make my seller pay for that service? Samuel knows that I also only use professional photographers and Lillian can tell you that my listings sell fast and sell for more. I’m Alex Giannetti with RE/MAX and I keep the American Dream from becoming a nightmare.

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